My husband and I joined Crossfit with the intention to get in shape for our honeymoon (less than a month a way woohoo!) We joined Crossfit Peak Dynamcis and have had a great experience since the very beginning. The owner Bryan is great and the other members are welcoming and friendly as we all workout together and try not to pass out with the daily workouts.

Today we did the Crossfit Open workout: 18.3. For those of you who are not avid-Crossfitters…the Open is a worldwide competition that anyone can sign up for and participate in. There is a weekly workout announced and those who signed up compete and submit scores and progress based on their performance. This week’s workout was not an easy one (they rarely are!) it included double-unders (jump rope 2x), pull ups, over head squats and muscle ups, with a 14 minute time cap- sure no problem! I must note that if you are not able to do the workout as programmed – you have the ability to “scale” the workout so you can complete and still get a good workout in. My husband and I both selected for that option today 🙂

After we did our workout I photographed other members doing the workout. The photos are viewed here:

This was a great opportunity to photograph athletes and capture the emotions that happen throughout the workout. There were many accomplishments that happened today – one being a woman got her first pull up – go girl!  20180310-DSC_3911.jpg

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