Selvatica – Zipline Adventure

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We booked the “Gimme All Adventure” through our hotel (Excellence Playa Mujeres) and we were excited about the day. Coming from someone who freaked out on a ferris wheel- needless to say I was nervous but wanted to do it.

They do have lockers there for purchase-$12 when we went so put your extra clothes (that you want to go home in) in there as well as your cell phone etc. they give you key w long necklace to wear (I wrapped it around my wrist) and they also give you a drawstring bag and waterbottle (you can wear on ziplines etc) camera- suggest either gopro or waterproof camera w wrist strap. Phone in a waterproof case is ok but get one with a neck strap because you need both your hands for mostly all events! For girls I recommend you wear shorts and bikini or sports top or tank top. Don’t wear JUST the bathing suit bottom because you’re wearing a harness for 65% of the time and that could not be comfortable after a while 😉

They have employees size and strap you into a harness and give you a complete instruction on how to do the zipline for about 10 min before entering the park.

The staff are so fun, patient and encouraging! Andrew and Johnny were our group leaders and had us laughing all day. The entire staff was extremely helpful abd looked like they enjoyed their jobs because they were always smiling and congratulating us as we completed each obstacle.

Zipline was pretty high up- like above the trees! After I made it through the first one, the next 7 ones were so fun (even better when I opened my eyes!) and don’t forget to smile for the camera guy who’s on the end of the line so they got awesome action shots!

Unlike an amusement park, there was little to no wait as you go throughout the course. The last part of the zipline obstacle was the “roller coaster” when you are strapped into a seat and could go with another person. It’s literally a personal roller coaster and felt like I was a flying over and through the jungle!

Next we loaded up on an old Army bus for the off-roading and cenotes. Once we arrived we split up into the people who wanted to drive the quads and the side-by-side vehicles: polaris. They supply eye goggles and paper masks for protection from the dust. My husband drove and they go fast!!! We go on a path following the group leader throughout the jungle- you’re in the sun for majority of the time so wear a hat and sunscreen!

Last of the excursion was the cenote (sinkhole) swimming and after the 20 min or so off road driving you def need to rinse/cool off! They said the cenote is about 40 feet deep but could be deeper! Theres a dock with 2 ziplines so we got to swing/jump into the cenote! It was so refreshing!! They do supply life jackets as well. We swam around for about 20-25 min before getting back on the bus to go back to the park for our lunch.

Lunch was chicken rice peppers and onions and was served quickly. As your eating your lunch the staff is showing you on an ipad your professional pics from your day- they got over 100 pictures of us and these are high quality photos – with Nikon dslr cameras! They are worth the $$$!

Overall we cannot say enough positive things about this trip- worth the $- worth the time and it was an amazing experience!!!


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