Life after the Honeymoon

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Now that we have settled down since traveling for my sister’s wedding, honeymoon and had few weeks to decompress…we are starting to look at our living situation. Currently, we live in a one bedroom apartment. We are lucky enough to have both our parents in the same neighborhood (literally down the road 5-8 minutes!)

Family is very important to the both of us. So thinking about our future and family planning is now a reality…in the near future, not a distant future.

Real estate is a daunting topic, especially living on Long Island. Taxes, property size, school district and everything in between is very intimidating! The language alone freaks me out! We have looked around in the neighborhood and we dream of owning a nice house one day, of course with a wishlist that includes a pool, yard, 2 car garage, 3 bedroom, 3 bathrooms, an office, endless closets and storage. Yeah, all that on the list and you’re looking at a $3 million home on Long Island.

So maybe a house isn’t in the cards for us at this time…or at least our list of wants could be lowered. We have to look at the here and now…We shared with our landlord (who has multiple properties/apartments) that if any 2 bedroom apartments available to let us know. Good news…a 2 bedroom apartment is opening up (literally down the block) and we are going to take it!

We are so excited for this next chapter. No it’s not a house but it’s what our chapter has in store for us. We already starting looking at new furniture like a larger kitchen table that seats more than 2 people…right now we have 2 bar stools and a high top table – which is PERFECT for our apartment right now!

Stay tuned for decor, before/after pictures and shopping ventures! 🙂

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